Monday, January 7, 2008

Matchbook kits ... get more embellishments!

Here is a way to create double the number of embellishments TAC's Matchbook Kits! After you have punched out one of the embellishments, roughly cut around the negative of the shape. Decide which side of the negative you would like to use, and which paper you would like in the center. Remember that the Hemmingway and Ambery Grace SWIC both match the Pemberly Bay Matchbook kit. Or you can use white or beige card stock too.
Here I selected one of the Hemingway papers. I used my Tombow runner around different sections on the side I will not be using and then glued it to the paper. Then all you do is cut it out! You have a totally new embellishment with the negative that has a slightly raised frame around it. I cut mine out while I watch a good movie.

To see samples using this techniques look at the top photo on this post and this post.

Sorry the pictures are not too good, I got the flue this weekend and wanted to get this posted and did not feel like retaking the pictures.


abhall76 said...

Awesome tip Rita!! What a great way to stretch those out and get more "bang for the buck" You could also trace it a couple times first on CS, cut that out and then use magic matter to get a second layer!

Heather Devino said...

Great idea, Rita! Hope you are feeling better soon.