Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thanks for the memories ....

The Angel Company announced this week they are hanging up their wings.  I have been so blessed to have been a part of this company for the last 12 years.  I joined in Jan of 1999 and was the first angel in Ohio.  I was fortunate to have two of my downline with me these past 5 days, during the announcement, from AK and ID, to help me through the shock and sadness of it all.  Here are just a few things that The Angel Comapany has taught me through the years .....
  • that dreams do come true ... I was able to retire and keep my life style with my paper crafting business
  • that crowns make you feel different about yourself so wear a crown often!
  • that desserts are better before the meal ..... especially no flour chocolate cake
  • that a group of TAC-eee ladies (my stamp group for the last 11 years) can be best gift anyone would want ...... we will continue to meet monthly to stamp, share, listen, laugh, nurture, create, and rejoice with each other
  • that a 'little old lady from Cleveland' could know someone from almost every state in the US and even visit them for vacations
  • that being creative is the best form of therapy and so much cheaper .... or is it???
  • that taking risks is worth the fear ... I went to the first seminar without knowing one person and have never regretted it ... I meant so many wonderful woman
  • that teaching/selling is all about sharing your passion for what you love to do
  • that getting together with other stampers to stamp rejuvenates your body, mind and spirit ..... yes I will still be teaching my classes and putting on gatherings gals!
  • that setting smaller goals helps you to reach your bigger goals in life
  • that I can do whatever I dream and lift up in prayer
  • that laughing soooooo hard that your gut hurts and you can not breath is good for you
  • that you can and should pamper yourself with pretty things and do nice things for yourself and not feel guilty
  • that creativity is everywhere ..... all we have to do it tap into it 
  • that strangers you meet and see only once a year can truly be great friends forever or is that family forever!
  • that family is NOT only biological ..... families are the people in your life that help you to grow, that make you stretch yourself and that nurture you .... that is what TAC has done for me 
Mischelle Smith, the owner of TAC, has been a dear friend for these past 12 years and I know she has done what is best for her and the company.  But yes it is a loss for everyone. Knowing her she will find another way to share her great gifts of nurturing and leading people to find their true purpose in life.  She did not just create a company with TAC .... she created an extended family with all of the joys and challenges that goes along with a loving family. All of the angels (demonstrators) will now have to find their own place in the stamping world but they all have very special gifts that Mischelle has nurtured into each of us to take with them along their/our journeys.

So to Mischelle, her family, the staff at TAC (past and present) and to all of my dear angel friends and downline ......

Thanks for the memories!


Heather said...

Rita this is just a perfectly beautiful message and so well said! You are one of those friends I am so glad i met thru TAC - and am so blessed by you!

Good luck figuring out your next chapter! I know you will find success in whatever you endeavor. I will keep you book marked and check your blog often!

Heather Scott

Christine Pennington said...

Oh Rita--you spoke perfectly and went straight to my heart! Thank you for the friendly reminders why I love TAC too.

Christine Pennington said...

{more} Thank you Rita, you summed it all up. I am going case a couple of your quotes {I hope you don't mind?}! I will NEVER forget seminar 2010, you were a shinning star in Red. You by far were the most beautiful angel of the night.

Jen Carter said...

That is so beautiful Rita!! You are a lovely and wonderful woman and I am so thankful to have known you! I wish you all the best!

Lisa Brown said...

Such a beautiful message! My heart goes out to all of you angels.
Best wishes to all of you!

Susan said...

I love your beautiful tribute. There is only one thing which is not true (at least not for me). Stamping and creativity is not cheaper than therapy. I keep trying to turn my expenses for stamps, etc. in to my insurance company, and they won't cover it (LOL). Best of luck to you in your future. (I never met you, but I am one of Heather's "girls")

Frozenstamper said...

Such a contagious message, Rita. Best Wishes to you.

...Darlene said...

What a beautiful tribute to your very successful journey with TAC. Mishcelle and Kevin were great and I know you loved what you did. You know were your strength comes from and you will be just fine.

darlene armstrong
former angel 379

Paula-Kay Bourland said...

Wonderfully said!

bboo said...