Sunday, August 28, 2011

Paper Wings Blog Hop - TAC Final Farwell

As most of you know The Angel Company closed it's doors last week, but some of us die hard angels wanted to use our stamps one last time in tribute for TAC.  (Check out all of the angels' blogs at the end of my post.)   I have been an angel for 12 years (joined 1/99) and TAC has been such a BIG part of my life.  It is hard to take in all of the losses I will be facing in the next months or so.  I am still in shock, I think.  Today I went and pulled out some of my oldest stamps and made cards with them .... it was fun and therapeutic and the same time!  This first card is for ME ..... Mischelle taught me to meet my needs first before I tried to help others so I made this to help me remember to have hope, to believe, to image, and to dream for the next path I will be taking.

I used the set that TAC made from MY words and a phrase that I use all of the time  .... 'Dance with Your Spirit' ..... and that is what my time with TAC was like .... dancing with MY Spirit. The big word on that card for me is HOPE .... I am hoping the right opportunities open for me in the stamping world ...... I am looking at all of my options right now. I also used a set that I think may have been one of TAC's first sets called 'Rose Sentiments' which I have always loved.  I pulled out my watercolor crayons to color instead of my Copics to remember my past and where I came from.

Here is an old stamp, 'Fern' and not sure which the set the words were from but I did save them and still use them.  This card is for everyone in the Smith family, TAC staff past and present, angels/downline past and present and all my customers who loved TAC. We have all been blessed to have TAC in our lives.   I lift you all up in prayer in your future paths.

This card used one of my all time favorite sets with TAC called 'Charcoal Flowers' and my watercolor crayons ..... this was my most used stamp and most frequently demoed technique (watercolor crayons direct to rubber) I did for my workshops.  Here's to all of my customers from the past .... which I hope will continue to be with me on MY new path .... which I will be announcing soon hopefully.  Do some of you remember 'Background Stamps'??  I used them here ..... yes .... it is a shadow stamp ... remember those and how much we used them.  Tell me again why we stopped using them?   And the words are from 'Contemporary Sayings' which was a well loved and used set too.

This is for all of the angels who have already started with their new companies ..... I wish you well!  The set is called 'Sophisticated Sentiments' ..... do you remember it??? Every angel I have meant has been a sophisticated woman ..... they all knew how to stamp, create and have a good time ..... so keep it up angels!  Let see all the crowns you will have next year at this time with your new companies!

This card it is in honor of Mischelle Smith.  The stamp set 'Stars and Stamps' has always reminded me of you ... you did a lot of paper clay with it, did a demo on The Carol Duval TV show with it and it was one of the sets we used at our first seminar!  Mischelle you have changed me, my life, my career and my beliefs in so many positive ways.  I will forever be thankful for all of the time we shared together, all of the laughs, all the sharing of ideas, all of the times you listened so intently to me and all of our creative times together.  Oh ... by the way I still owe you for leaving me at the restaurant in WI .... I had to find my way back and walk back to the hotel! LOL  Those are memories I will keep forever .... and I do hope we can stay in touch. Thanks Mischelle!!! 

And here is my last card using a very old set ... mine does not even have cling on the back, it has Tack it Over on the back .... oh those were the days.  I think the set was called 'Flower Doodles'.  I even pulled out the Stickles and used them ..... it looks better in person really!  My set was used a lot on cards, T-shirts, on wooden boxes and baskets and on tote bags.  I am not sure if I will be selling all of my stamps yet, it is too soon for me.  I also have all of the catties TAC has ever published and I know I will always keep them .... some of them are signed and some have been colored in by angels .....  remember that angels???  They will always be a way to bring back  all of the good times we all shared.  

TAC was not just a stamping company for it's angels  .....  it was a family, a creative community, a way to earn a living, a way to challenge yourself, a way to express yourself, a place where you felt like you belonged, a place you felt loved and supported by angels all over the US and a way to share our talents with so many other people. These are the things I will miss ... I can sell stamp and create with other companies stamps but there will never be a company like TAC again.  These truly have been the best years of my life .... thanks TAC, Mischelle and Kevin, and all of the angels who I have been blessed to have meant in my life.  You have given me some wonderful memories!!

Dance with Your Spirit .....  

Blessings, Angel #0078 Rita (ritasangels) Kegg  (Reder in KS)

...... signing off as an Independent Demonstrator with The Angel Company and hoping to spread my wings in new and exciting ways!

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Chelsea said...

What a great trip down memory lane Rita! I am glad to have met you through TAC and. Will continue to follow your blog,,

Julie Robinson said...

love these cards. I just love to read all of these stories.... and see the stamps that we had before I even joined. How FUN

Angela K said...

Rita, I so miss not meeting you at seminar, TFS your beautiful cards and ideas with all of us!! Hugs

Seleise said...

Loved all your cards, Rita! And, the stories and feelings you shared were great too. I am always inspired by your designs!! So glad our paths crossed due to TAC!

Debra Miller said...

What a great trip down memory lane Rita! So Fun!

Glittered Paws said...

OMG Rita - get our more tissue - what an inspiration you have been these past 9 years - so much creativity, so much love in your craft - wishes for a continued path of success, I will follow you on whatever path you choose.

Char said...


I remember the very first seminar I ever attended and the hugs I received from gals I didn't even know and all the trading and FUN we all had. Thanks for a wonderful trip down memory lane!!!!

And, thank you for doing so many good things behind the scenes that people probably don't even know about ;-)

Paula-Kay Bourland said...

A wonderful selection of cards, Rita.

Wendy Zick said...

What a great tribute and great cards! TFS

Teresa Jenkins said...

Oh Rita these cards are wonderful, you honor your friends and TAC so well by your wonderful nature. And thank you for the reminder that it is important to see to our own needs too! Good Luck in everything!

Rita said...

I had so much fun meeting all of the other Rita's that were part of The Angel Company. Remember the year that all 3 of us had crowns - and that fantastic picture of us! Love your laugh. Love your spirit. Love your creativity. See you on your blog and on Facebook.

Ginger - Angel 1427 said...

Wonderful cards! Ginger-Rita's forever!!! :) I posted a bit late, but it's there now.

Mary said...

Great cards Rita - The Dancing with your Spirit set is one of my first sets and probably the one that hooked me on TAC!

Christine Pennington said...

Thank you so much for the great tribute! Your cards are always so beautiful! Big hugs!

Laura said...

What a wonderful tribute to TAC! Thanks for sharing your memories with all of us!

Donna said...

Rita, what beautiful memories we all have, you expressed them so well.

Angie said...

Wow I thought I had some old sets! Thanks for the wonderful memories!

Sandy said...

Rita you've always shared to many wonderful stamping ideas! I will remember all the wonderful samples and demo's you did at the Seminars. I will still be following as I am sure you will continue to be inspiring.

Carol said...

Wonderful cards, Rita. Enjoyed the trip down memory lane.

Stacy said...

Such cute cards! Love the 'Fern' card!

Risa said...

What a wonderful farewell! I love the cards you made and the reasons/people you made them for is fantastic. What a clever way to present. Keep in touch Rita! I can not wait to see what is next for you! All the best wishes to you.

StampinCarol said...

Oh my! These are so cool! And stamping is definitely therapeutic! I have to stamp and it brings back so many fond and happy memories.

Diana said...

My sweet Rita, love your post and love your cards, so many things, right? I will treasure this years forever, for me it was such an amazing experience, can you believe it? I didn't speak English and even with my accent now I feel a bit more confident now! TAC has changed my life forever and I am grateful to get to know you!

Chris said...

So pretty - it's nice to use the old stamps again. I'm looking forward to it myself! Rita, you've been a great inspiration. Thanks!!

Chris said...

BTW Rita, that's how I discovered TAC - through the Carol Duvall show and that american flag stamp - I've still got it!

Cynthia said...

Such fun and creative cards! Simply beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing!

Gwen Z. said...

Miss you! We had fun and hope to have lots more in the years to come! I know you will follow your heart!
Love ya,

Trudy Osborn said...

What a fun walk down memory lane, Cute cards as well.

Kim said...

Wonderful cards Rita! Thanks for sharing your TAC memories and always being an inspiration to us!

Mary said...

What a wonderful heartfelt expression and artshow, Rita! Loved what you did here. Bless you~