Saturday, January 5, 2008

Gorgeous Julliete Soar with It Collection

Every year I cover a new composition book and use it for my notes by the phone, things I want to get done and notes from places I go during the year. This year with my registration to TAC's Escape in San Antonio, they sent us half of a composition book! Isn't that a cool ideas .. it is a great size to carry in my purse, so I think I will get more use from this since it is smaller but not too small ... I know sounds strange. I covered it with our new Juliette Soar with It Collection on the front and back and then used a solid sheet on the inside of the cover. I put a large eyelet in the back cover and tied a ribbon though it for a bookmark. I wanted to decorate it more but the paper is so beautiful, I just kept it simple. I put a tag on the font and on both inside covers with ideas I wanted to remember a year long, from the 'Life is Short' set. It is one of the new sets from the Signature Series. "Our SS stamp collections contain words and phrases that will help you bless, encourage and speak words of life into the lives of others. Unique to the angle company, we believe these are at the core of what makes us who we are." That's a quote from our Inspiration Book and I really like it! I will be taking this with me to SA next week for notes. I really am pleased with how it turned out. Getting tied ... but still have a few more post for you with things I have been making with the new products from out catalogue, so keep checking back, or sign up for Google Reader and it will let you know when I update. Blessings


Mary Leeson said...

Wow, Rita, everything is beautiful! Thanks for sharing the new paper collections in your work..can't wait to get my "stuff". Thanks MUCH for your inspiration!

abhall76 said...

I never would have thought to cut one in half, but like you I think its about the perfect size! I am really loving that paper collection, and what you are doing with it.