Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Life is short

I made this card using the same technique I explained in the last post. The bottom tag was made with the negative of the tag from Hemingway SWIC and one of the papers. The top embellishment was made from my Pemberly Bay Matchbook Kit. These two compliment each other so well. I added one of our new swirls around the bottom tag with matching Hemingway eyelets. The set I used in 'Life is Sort', one of the new sets in TAC's 2008 Inspiration Book. It is also one of our Signature Series sets.

Let me know if you need a copy for yourself and if you will be attending my Open House on Jan 25. I am getting ready to fly to San Antonio tomorrow and wouldn't it be that we have great weather here in Cleveland!! We broke a 100 year old record for high temperature today at 65 degrees and that was at noon! Blessings

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Betsy said...

Love Life is short! I always enjoy your posts.

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