Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Coaster wall hanging

I made this for my daughter for her graduation from college. It is for her puppy, Thumper, the lighter colored dog in the pictures. My dog, Snickers, is the smaller black dog, who was put down the beginning of June. So I guess this was in honor of her too. The black cat is mine, Reno, and she is looking for a home if anyone wants her. I now have a new puppy, Gabby, and she is one year old. Today is her one week birthday with me!! She is so cute and lots of fun. I will post pictures of her later.

It is made of all coasters and has beads in between to give it different layers of height. I use TAC Soar with It, Sands of Times papers and Jumbo Java VersaMagic Ink. It was fun to make. I made another one for a prop swap for our Club Med luncheon but it wasn't as large as this one and was pink and very girly. I plan on making more and will take pictures of those too. My inspiration came from the HP printer ads where they show pictures in different layers. Hope you enjoy it.

My Open House is Wed, and I am looking forward to seeing many of my stamping friends. Blessings


abhall76 said...

Looks great Rita! I love your style!

Rita Kegg said...

Thanks Amanda!!