Monday, July 23, 2007

Circle Sampler

This is a really great new set called Circle Sampler! It can be used in so many different ways ... backgrounds, borders, around images and words, etc. Here is one of the cards we did at my wing workout (meeting for my TAC team) where I used Apple Green 1 Matchmakers paper (it amtches so well!!) with Noir ink and our new Lilly Anna Soar With It 6-pack of paper. The bottom right circle is a punched out (window card) and the paper is on the inside. My goal was to show how to use just a little of the papers to make a stunning card, stretching the papers to the max!! It was fun watching everyone selecting which of the circles they were going to use! My goal is to make fun and quick and easy cards that can all be done in minutes! How did I do?? Blessings
PS. Take time today to play ...... with your kids, animals, or just something you like to do! We all need to be more like puppies!! Have some fun and smile and laugh!!


Gwen Z. said...

Great Card! I have this set and now I need to play with it! Thanks for sharing!

Rita Kegg said...

Glad you like it Gwen!! Share with me what you do with it!! Blessings