Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Change the look

Our new paper lines are gorgeous!! Here is a sample made by Sandy Allen (a dear friend of mine) at seminar using our new Mia's Cottage designed by Mabelle!! Don't you just love the beautiful colors!! Is is made with our TAC matching card stock and ribbons to match the Mia collection and coasters. The Adjustable Drill press was used to go through all of the layers at one time!! It is amazing!!

Here is the same mini book but done with a different line of our new papers, Hemingway. See of the look of the papers and color combinations can change the feel and look of the mini book. You can use this idea with all of our papers and each with give you a totally different look for what ever the occasion. This is a fun and quick project that can be make in less than an hour and will make a great little gift or add on to a present!! Blessings


Eva said...

Samples Look Great Rita!

Anonymous said...

Loving the blog baby !!!!

Anonymous said...

poki says "I really enjoy keeping up with your BLOG! I get a new idea every time I visit! Thanks for the great job you are doing!"
Also, thanks for autographing your article in the Stamper's Sampler for me! It makes me fee special!

Rita Kegg said...

Thanks for all of the great comments!! I appreciate them. Poki ... thanks to you for asking and giving us all such a wonderful welcome at seminar!! Blessings

Gwen Z. said...

Great job with the mini book! Just love it!