Sunday, March 9, 2008

Mini Books

Snow ... snow .. and more snow ... that is what we have here! I think we have between 15-18" of snow. I was unable to get out of my drive on Saturday! So I couldn't get to the craft show. Oh well anyone need some craft items for spring???

Here are a few mini booklets I made for the show. The directions can be found on a new blog on TAC called 'Savvy projects' written by Mischelle Smith. It had some really nice things on it it so far so be sure to check it out. You can attach a picture on the front and on the two insides sections and then I put in three page protectors so you have 6 pages there to add pictures plus behind the page protectors. I made my belly bands loose to allow extra depth for all of the pictures.

I made a few with Toodle Loo and a few with Mimi SWIC. I discovered a cool tip with the Toodle Loo papers. I punched out the circle designs with a 1 1/2" scalloped punch and it makes the cutest flowers. You can punch out the square with the 1 1/2" square punch and you get the
cute embellishment on the top booklet. I scored the tag on the inside 1/2" up so you can put a picture behind it and then journal on the front & back of the tag. These are made with the cute 3" protective covers we sell. They are fun to make and easy too! Be sure to check out the ones angel Rita W and Mischelle made too!

Hope everyone is able to get dug out today ... the sun is shining so that is a help. Blessings to all!


Karen Rice said...

Hey Rita
Glad I found your I can "tune in" and see what you are doing!!

Deb said...

Your work is Awesome!! I love everything! Great idea's!

Hilmarose said...

:(... I couldn't find the directions on the other blog :(

Rita Kegg said...

Go to the Savory Projects, a link is on the TAC web site, and then go to Feb projects. It is the first one to come up. Blessings and enjoy!

Hilmarose said...

Thank you... I finally found it thanks to your help!!!