Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Scrapbooking page

I started my personal scrapbook for my cruise and am so excited with the first page of it. All of us had our picture taken on the cruise the first formal night and I am so glad I decided to get it. I think is a great beginning page for the adventure. The little boat in the upper left corner was gifted to my by a great stamper, Joan, as a start for my book. It is so cute since you push on it and the lights of the boat go on!! I used TAC Penelope SWIC tags for this page with matching white core cardstock. Notice how I put the score lines with the Scor-bug lines on the left side and sanded them for detail. But the fun part is that it is in interactive page!!

Hold on to the ribbon on 'This is Us' and pull up the page to see more pictures!!

Many of these are postcards but some are my photos. I could get the postcards and they did not have any people in. This is under the flip up page.

Under the group photo are these pictures of the boat. And I did the little postcards as a waterfall of photos with the name of each location on the boat showing with the postcard. I am loving this!!
Here is a close up of one of the locations on the ship and how it works.

On the bottom of the main group photo, I put one of TAC Dated Disk Stamps with the date on it.

So how am I doing on my first 12 x 12 that are for ME !! More coming ..... Blessings


Percy said...


Bridgett said...

I really like your page! There's so many parts to it but it all works and I think that it will be fun for anyone who has the pleasure of checking it out!

Rita said...

What a great first page to a memorable vacation! The flip up is an awesome idea! Love the Scor-Bug. rita w

Julie said...

great page! I love how you did the scoring on the side

Barb said...

Lovely first page, Rita! Can't wait to see more of these :)

Yuki said...

Rita--you are so amazing! Love your scrapbook page! Now, please come down to Texas and scrapbook our photos okay?