Friday, September 11, 2009

What have I been up to???

Well, I will admit it ... I finally got a Cricut Expression. I left it up to God by bidding on it on eBay and He wanted me to have it since I got it on my second try ... brand new not open for a really great price!! So I have been researching, blog hopping and experimenting so I can learn and use it to make the most out of it. So ... here is my first project I made after it came. I went to a wedding shower last weekend and made a card with matching envelope with a topper for the gift. I was really impressed on how it turned out and have been making these to sell and at by fairs. Card with gift embellishment. I sued TAC stamp set Showers of Love for the words.

Some of you who know me well know that this means no sleeping, eating or anything else until I have been able to focus on something else. This is an amazing machine ... what took me so long I do not know. It will definite change a lot of what and how I do things to same time.Blessings


Jennifer Carter said...

Rita!! I love the flower on top of the gift!! How fantastic does that look! I just ordered my Expression last week and it came yesterday. It's cutting as I'm typing and I said the same thing as I was playing with it, "WHAT took me so long?" LOL!!!

........................................................ said...

Okay, Rita...I am laughing out loud! Mary told me that you got a Cricut! I am so proud of you! Have fun!