Sunday, December 23, 2007

Chocoholic ... are YOU???

I just had to share with your this gift I made for a friend of mine. I used Winchester SWIC from TAC and the matching Card stock. The sets I uses are Chocoholic (retired set), Whimsical Greetings and Ornamental Snowflakes. Can you tell I recycled many different things??? Their is a Victoria Secret Bag and a jar from Target! The gift includes a jar filled with chocolate (of course!), chocolate mint oil for a burner, and a Chocolate Root candle (I love Root candles!!)

I was running out of the printed paper so I started to use tags for decorations. The top of the candle is a round tag, the label on the candle is a tag with a ribbon run through and the label on the oil is a tag laced up in the back.

The best part my picture would not take .. I was in a hurry taking the pictures since I was going over to her home for scary movie night ... is the inside of the bag. There is a phrase on both sides of the inside that says 'Give me sexy" and I changed it to 'Give me (image of a chocolate kiss)'. I thought that was cute!!

Tomorrow I have a few special pictures to share with you so I hope you will have time to stop back. Enjoy you cooking, wrapping and cleaning day before the holidays. Blessings


Betsy said...

Hi Rita,
I love your blog! Your chocoholic set is fabulous. I'll be seeing you (blog) in 2008...

abhall76 said...

Looks like a wonderful gift to me, and I also just LOVE those Root candles. I recieved 2 of them this year and was beyond tickled!

Rita Kegg said...

Thanks Betsy and Amanda! It was fun to make!