Friday, December 28, 2007

My 'baby' at Christmas!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!! I meant to have this post up earlier but got distracted since I go my copy of the new 2008 TAC Inspiration Book late Christmas Eve ... I spend most of my extra Christmas time going through it!! I LOVE IT!!! I will share more tomorrow and show some samples I made today with new papers and stamps!

Here is my 'baby', Gabby!! I took her to see Santa this year. Some of you know that I lost my Snickers, 16 years old, this past June and was not sure I was going to get a new dog. But .... Gabby came into my life ... and it has never been the same. She is so playful and full of life!! She teaches me life lessons daily ... today her message was to rest and nap! LOL But most of the time she is playing, getting into things, exploring, loving, cuddling, and being my best friend! Can you tell I love her. The second pictures is at my friend Velda's home .. and no she was not put there .... I was loading my car and she decided to sit under her tree. So Velda took her picture. I love this one! And the last two where taken on Christmas Eve. I had given my daughter's two dogs big red Target bags filled with grocery bags for "clean up duty" with bones and treats inside. After they were opened, we where just sitting there talking and Gabby decided to crawl into the bag ... I couldn't resist taking her picture. Can you see her tail sticking out on the first one ... and then I got behind her on the second. She is just like most little kids ...she enjoyed the wrappings more than the presents!! We had fun watching her play.

OK ... I will stop .. this is a stamping blog but I needed to share these with you. Tomorrow I will start sharing things about our new catty and showing some 'sneak peeks'!! Blessings

PS. Dec 30 will be the last day to place orders from the old catalogue so be sure you let me know if you want anything!


abhall76 said...

Adorable Rita, and yes just like kids with the boxes and wrappings. Hope you had a great Christmas!

Lisa T said...

Oh Rita, your baby is so cute! :)

I know how hard it is to lose a pet after such a long time. It takes time for your heart to be ready for another dog. But then the right time and the right dog come along.

Rita Kegg said...

Amanda ... thanks for commenting on my blog! I enjoy here that someone is reading and enjoying my work. Blessings

Rita Kegg said...

Thanks Lisa, Yes, God was looking out for me and sending me at just the right time to just the right place to find my Gabby. She needs me as much as I need me since she had a lot of health issues that I am working with vets for. Thanks for understand my total attachment to my baby! Blessings