Monday, November 12, 2007


That was the best craft show I have ever done!! Three plus times more sales than ones in the past. I had a new set up for my table (my daughter helped me plan it) and maybe that helped too. I was so blessed. I have another big one this weekend and have to replenish all of my stock ... so I will be busy.

These are a few mini albums that I made with the Big Shot mini book die and then embossed with the Big Shot and my Cuddlebug folders. I didn't sell any of these, but it could have been the placement of them. I am going to move them this weekend and see what happens. I wrapped a piece of either out Wing It or Designer papers around the bottom of each page and attached. Then put a flower on the overlap. Both the front and back of each paper are then decorated at one time. The one with the large 'A' is for Abundance of course, their are a few family, and other topics. Remember to click on the picture for a better look!

I meant a wonderful crafters this past weekend and want to say 'Hi!' if you are reading today.
My abundance list for today:
An outstanding craft show weekend!
Meeting new crafters is always fun
The yummy food at the craft show
A new tutoring job with a young adult (not a teen)
A very productive day yesterday replenishing my show inventory
All of the kind comments from customers from the show .... it was great to feel appreciated
So what are your blessings today?? Blessings to all


Anonymous said...

WOW! I can see why you did so well. I've been browsing your blog and your work is amazing! So glad I stopped by.

abhall76 said...

Glad to hear you did so well Rita! It doesnt come as a surprise to me at all. Hope next weekend goes just as well!