Monday, September 29, 2014

Tiny Treasures Halloween

My new line of 'Treasures' was debuted at the Willoughby Farmer's Market on Saturday and they were a hit!  This are the 'Tiny Treasures' which are a little milk carton closed with a mini close pin to add your own treats like candy (candy corn, skittles, gummy ghosts etc), small office items (page markers, paper clips, thumb tacks etc), money (change, bills or checks), birdseed, popcorn, and so much more.  How about a thumb drive with photos on it!  You can clip a gift card to the back with the close pin. With these you can customize the treat to the person and make it special.   Each has a little tag clipped on the back with a stamped message and then you can add to that message yourself!  I have many different tags and they are interchangeable.  These two are for Halloween and the dies are from 'Little B'.  The spider is loose and sways when the treasure is moved and the ghost one has a die cut window so you can see the candy inside. See more of these in the next few days. I hope to make more of these 'Stumpy Treasures' and 'Tall Treasures' in the future to sell.  This will be my last for sure weekend at market (if no rain).  I may be able to come the third weekend in Oct if the weather is OK so come see me this weekend.

I am also glad to announce my Stamp-a-Stack Christmas coming up October 19 (Sunday) at 2 at my church in Mentor.  More to be announced later but save the date if you want to make some Christmas cards with me!

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