Wednesday, November 7, 2012


It is that time of year again!!!  Stamp-a-Stack is here on Dec 8 from one to four at my church, Pilgrim Lutheran Brethan on Rt. #84.  We will be making 15 cards of five designs (three of each design), for $25 which comes out at $1.67 a card!  This is a great all season card with lots of glitter ... you probably can not see that in the photo.  All cards include an envelope, and there will be snacks served.  I need your RSVP by Nov 23 please with your payment so I can have some time to get everything cut and ready for you!  Please email me if you are coming and I will send you out the flyer with my address and more informaion.

I sure to hope everyone was able to get out and vote yesterday.  It sure was a nice day.  Now can everyone on both sides start thinking as ONE nation under God and forget the parties PLEASE!!!  I do hope the loosing party will accept it and start working hand in hand to help the other party .... this is what I look for when I select a candidate.  Please stop all of the backstabbing and harsh words for each other .... we are one nation so let us all work as ONE to solve the problems we need to face.  This is the first time I have shared my views on line .... but I have such a fear we can not all get over all of this time and work as a nation together.

Remember if you want to take the classes next week to let me know ASAP .... I do have to prep for class and can not take last minute add ons too well.  Let me know by Sunday at the very lastest PLEASE!!!

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