Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Scor-Buddy is FUN!

The new Scor-Buddy is so much fun and easy to use in your stamping area or to travel to your classes.  I love the way it just fits anywhere and does not have to take over a large area in your creative space.  It has all of the features of the larger Scor-Pal but it is smaller and has no fence on the left side so your paper can hang over.  The markings are easier to use and they are in increments of 1/4" except for the first and last inch where they are 1/8" apart.  This makes it so much easier to do all of those unusual measures we card makers like. And it comes with it's own case!

This card will be one of the cards featured in my August Mojo Classes so you can all get your hands on my new 'Buddy"!!!  I am loving it and you will too.  Be sure to ask me how you can get one too!  The set is one of my new favorites, 'Girl's Day Out'.We will be using it in more than one card for this class and they will not look alike either!

Check out my calendar here for times and dates of these classes.

I have been so busy but loving it all!  Cards are selling so fast I have to keep making more and I am trying to get the inventory ready for a new permanent location so I have been keeping my hands 'inky'.  Stop in to say 'hi' at one of my four Farmer's Markets I do each week and get some great fresh produce and see some of the new items in my line.  I now have coupon saver books, soap dispensers (also for hand sanitizer and lotions) that you can decorate for the season, and cup handles to decorate to hold your fast food beverages. Times and dates are on my calendar .... but if there is rain or threat I will not be going ... paper and water do not play well together!


Chelsea said...

WOW! I love it ... no wonder you were talked up by the ScorPal people at CHA!!! Awesome!

Sharon said...

Cute card :)