Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Alaska Pictures

I know most of you come here to see my cards, rubber stamping techniques, and information about The Angel Company. But I really want to share with you a few of the wonderful photos I have from my AK cruise ... so if you do not want to see them then come back later this week.

I have so many pictures but I started to go through and edit the ones from when we started the cruise at Juneau, I am on day two now ..... Sandy Allen and I spent the morning shopping in town, it was so much fun. It was so cute and quaint in the town. The mountains behind the city were the largest ones I had ever seen and they took really long stairs up to the homes on the mountain side. Did you know that the only way in and out of Juneau is by air and water!! YES, we saw many planes landing on the water and so many boats. They have no roads that can go through the mountains .... yet!

In the afternoon we took a Photo Land and Sea Safari Excursion with 13 other visitors. I loved the small group and all of the great information the guide shared with use. Here are a few pictures from the land section of the tour. He was a professional photographer and took us to really cool placed to take photos and even helped us if we needed help.

Here is a photo of the ancient wooded area we hiked through. I loved how everything was covered with moss and was so overgrown.

A little water falls we saw along the way .... I love waterfalls as you will soon be able to see.
This is Mendle's Glacier. The ice was so blue!

This is a close up of the waterfall on the lower right side of the glacier (from the above picture). You can also see the blue color of the ice better.

I am not positive but I think these are Sequoia trees. I could not resist the look of the sun coming through behind them. They are all such tall and stately trees.

This beautiful purple plant is called Cleome, Spider Flower, and it grows wild all over in AK.

Here are Sandy and I at the glacier. We are on an overlook far away but doesn't it look like the glacier is right behind us.

Another beautiful waterfall I saw on our hike ....

Doesn't this waterfall look like it is coming out of the rocks! I hope to get the Sea part of the excursion edited this evening. I do hope my whale pictures came out! We saw 14 hump backs at that the same place. It was so cool. Blessings

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