Thursday, August 13, 2009

Alaska - Photo Safari by Sea

If you are local, I will be the Garfield Open Market on Friday night this week and next from 4-8. It is free to get in. Stop in and see me if you have time.

If you are reading this in your e-mail and the pictures are too dark, go to the blog and the pictures will look better.

I have now finished editing my pictures for day two from my AK cruise. These are the highlights from the Photo Safari by Sea Excursion I took with Sandy Allen. The top pictures are the sea lions we found on the boy in the ocean. They were so cut .. some were about to fall off and others were swimming around waiting for a place to get on!

We found a group of 14-16 hump back whales feeding in a method called 'bubbling'. The dominate female starts it and she swims deep and the others line up side my side and make a spiral to the surface of the water. While under water they blow large bubbles the size of basketballs. Then close to the surface they open their mouths and jump up to gather in the fish. It was amazing to see!! They kept doing it over and over. But I am not quick enough with my camera but I hope Sandy got a few more pictures of them in the air. I got mostly tails, fins and their humps when they are ready to jump. I took hundreds of pictures of them too! The seagulls stay close to the whales to get the left over fish.

This picture was taken later in the day so the lighting was different.

The above pictures is of the harbor we went out of. Blessings


April said...

I am so jealous!! I have always wanted to go whale watching!! Thank you for sharing your fabulous pictures!!

Lisadwb said...

I am so jealous too!! I have always wanted to go to AK!! Thanks for sharing!!

Sonia said...

Wow!, wow!.. super great pictures.. thanks for sharing!