Sunday, May 3, 2009

Blog Hop Scor-pal's Scor-bug

It's BLOG HOP time!! Be sure to read all the way to the end to see some more angels projects using the great Scor-Pal!! I love using my Scor-pal, here are few other posts (click on the links) I have using it: how to make a grid, sanding on white core paper, adding a border, making a frame and inking it, details on making diagonals, easy gift card holder, and another gift card holder. You can also check the side bar of my blog to see the links to my tutorials on the Scor-pal site. This is a great tool so be sure you are using all of the time to add detail, dimension and highlight to your projects.

Yes, I wrote that correctly ... the Scor-bug! It is a new addition to use with your Scor-pal, and it is really cool and easy to use. It matches the Scor-pal colors and can make a line of embossed dots on your card or a line of holes, which could be used for stitching too. I was playing with it early last week while I was getting my cards and gift card holders ready for Mother's day to take to Jennifer & Co Salon, where I sell my hand made items. If you are local, you can go in and see this up close and personal! In the first card, I did a plaid background with a 1/2" line of embossed and a 1/2" line of embossed dots. Look closely at the pink Matchmakers papers, I did the opposite and did a row of holes down each of the sides. In this card you can see both ways of using the Scor-Bug. I love the added texture this Scor-bug adds to your card!! The stamp is a retired set that I have always loved called Charcoal Flowers from The Angel Company. Sorry about using so many retired stamps but sometime I love them so much I have to still keep playing with them.
On this card I did the embossed dots on Matchmakers cardstock, which has a white core, and then sanded it so the white core shows through.

Here are a few finished cards using this idea. Notice too that I really like to score the backgrounds to give them a more finished look. It adds so much to the card with the detail, depth, texture and lines.For the next card, I lined the inside front of the card up so the diagonal corners are on the 6" line. Here is how I lined the card up on the Scor-pal. Then I did a line of scoring with the Scor-tool and then a line of embossed dots with the Scor-bug. I did these 1" apart but they could be any distance.

And here is the finished card.
On this card I lined the inside front crease up at 3 5/8" , which is at the first arrow, and then scored at 4" and 4 1/2". Then I used the Scor-bug at 4 1/4" so I could have a line of embossed dots between the scored lines. TIP: If you notice on my Scor-pal, I have put a black dot at 4 1/4" since that is where I usually score my cards.Here is the finished card using this technique.

Here are a list of other angels who are in the Blog Hop too!! Please be sure to check out there sites to see more ideas and projects using the Scor-pal!! You will love what you see!! Have fun and blessings

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Chris said...

Neat! I didn't know about the scor bugs so this was super useful. Great samples. :)

StampinCarol said...

WOW! You definitely got me really wanting this cute little tool! Amazing projects!

Jamie said...

Very cool! I have one of those too. :D

Jany said...

Nice cards! I think that both showcasing this tool are convincing me that I need it.

Bridgett said...

Oh I have enjoyed all your projects. Such beautiful designs!! I will be using my Scor-Pal for embossing my backgrounds a lot more now. TFS!

Stacy said...

Cute cards!

Barb said...

Lovely projects, Rita!

Kim said...

Rita These are all BEAUTIFUL cards! I like the way you used the regular scoring with the new tool...

Melisa Waldorf Angel #4405 said...

I have to have a scor-bug now! The alternating pattern you did is awesome!! I love it! Great cards Rita

Chelsea said...

Lovely ... think I need one of those "bugs"

Seleise said...

first - lovely, lovely cards! And, love the use of the scor-bug! awesome!

Angela K said...

Great cards , TFS