Monday, August 6, 2007

Cha Cha Creations

I will be teaching a class with this fun little flip book & a two picture card pull up which and be attached to a page on Aug 16 (6-8:30) & Aug 18 (10-12:30). You get a pack of the Cha Cha Soar with It Collection, the Cha Cha ribbons, & Salsa Flowers with the class. Then you can use the left overs for other projects or take the next class I am teaching where we will make ten different all occasion cards with the left overs. I used the Abundance is set and More Abundance on mine but you can use what ever sets you like. I am putting special pictures in mine as a reminder of all of the abundance in my life! I am not done with it quite yet since I still need to print off more smaller pictures. But I have included a page for you to see. I really do like this book! I need to know this week if you are interested in the class so I can get the supplies ordered for it!!

This is my cute new little puppy!! Her name is Gabby ( God's Abundance) and she is a little over a year .... we think. She weighs in at 13 pounds, is part beagle & part dachshund, and is so lovable and playful!! She tried to engage a mushroom in play the other day, follows all little flying butterflies, and is the best cuddlier!! Can you tell she has stolen my heart! Blessings

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Gwen Z. said...


I just love it! To top it off what a cute puppy!

Live, Love, Laugh!