Saturday, April 28, 2007

Wormest Wishes

The verdict is still out on this one ... not sure I like it. I was trying to continue the square pattern on the Just Like Dad Collection Paper ..... but not sure it worked for me. I used the 3" square acrylic and drew around it with Tombow markers and then added the dots .... maybe it is the dots I do not like. The worm is stamped and then I added Crystal Lacquer and the wiggly eyes to it. I punched holes down the edge with my High Tech tool. Oh I used the Happy Bug Day set from the Spring Fling stamps. So what do you think? We all make cards sometimes we do not like and that is OK ... I just decided to show you this one ..... I usually do not show the ones I do not like. A small BOLD MOVE for me!

Reminder to put your orders in by Sunday and I will pick up the tax for you!

Also, TAC gave us this link: to help touch the life of a young boy. Can you help to by sending him a card? I hope all of you can ... I will be sending him one of my Bug Day cards today! Blessings

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Heather said...

Hi Rita,

I think this card is really cute, but maybe it would feel a little more balanced if, below the bottom of the blue square moving from corner towards the right, you added three more dots? Just an idea! :)