Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Coupon Card

Here is a great card for Mother's day, a birthday or any time you would like to share your time and talents with a loved one. It is a Coupon Card! It is a simple fold using one of our Wing it or Designer Collection 8" printed papers. I am sharing the dirctions for this here but remember you can change the paper and it will change the look!
  • One sheet Gentle Beginnings Designer Collection
  • Three 3” squares white CS p. 220
  • 4” sq. & three 1 x 3” Gentle Beginnings Designer Collection
  • Noir Palette Ink p.232
  • Sheer white ribbon, hole punch, cutter
  • Glue, acrylics, bone folder
  • More One Liners T-2093 p. 144
  • Running Stitches T-2610 Fall Sup.
  • Comic-Bet T-2576 p. 151
  • Just Journaling T-2317 p. 160
  • This is Me TC-2579 p. 250
  1. With right side down, fold the 8” square in half in both directions and crease.
  2. Place the openings at the top and the right side, fold the top (only one) 4” square on it’s diagonal to the inside to form the pocket.
  3. Glue a 4” square on the other front panel, it may need trimmed a little.
  4. Stamp the words on the bottom and inside, and border on inside and top in Noir.
  5. Glue the card together (tops and right side) so it opens up but not out.
  6. Punch two holes on the front pocket, run ribbon through them and tie a bow.
  7. Using three 3” squares, glue a 1 x 3” paper on each one, stamp with ‘coupon, lines, stitching and word at the bottom.
  8. Slip these into the pocket in the front.
  9. After you have decided who will receive this card fill in the coupon for a special gift for each coupon like: foot massage, wash the car, fix your lunch, weed the garden, make your favorite dessert, clean a room, dinner out for two, home made mini album with your choice of theme!

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abhall76 said...

Great gift idea Rita! Thanks!