Friday, March 16, 2007

Let it SNOW!!!!

Yes ... we had 2-3 nice days and all of the piles of snow melted this week and then today I woke up to the ground and trees covered again with SNOW!!! So I am not going to fight it anymore .... it is March and here in Cleveland that means it can do anything ... I will be happy with snow ... as long as we have a few more sunny and warm days too!!!

I went to the Farm Park’s Quilt show today and all I can say is it was amazing!! The colors were so brilliant and unusual. I was a sewer and quilter at one time in my life and today's show made me want to take it up again! But as some of you know my sewing machine caught on fire a month or so ago after stitching on a paper mini album. So it is needing some repair. The new techniques I saw and the most unusual shapes and different styles were the best I have ever seen. I applaud all of the fine work all of the talented contests put into their quilts and quilted items. If you live locally please go see it ... you will love it.

So in honor of today’s snow fall ... here are three cards I did in Dec (when we didn't have snow!) using Winter Wonderland. All are done with the torn edge of the paper representing the snow. Matchmaker’s paper has a white core, so when you tear toward you the white core shows. The backgrounds are stamped in a lighter blue with each snowflake highlighted with Crystal Stickles Glitter Glue. You can also see here how I store my stamps and use them on the acrylic handles. So please ... let this card represent and honor our last snow! Blessings


Anonymous said...

Miss Rita, I love your cards!! What kind of cases are you using? They look longer than a CD case.
Thanks, Lisa

Rita Kegg said...

These cases are DVD cases. They are longer and hold the larger TAC sets. They are stronger too.