Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Jubliee Night, Craft show & Tip

A reminder for all of you locals that this Friday night is our Jubilee night at Faith Lutheran Church on Mentor Ave from 6-11 PM. Cost is $8 and you must make reservations with me. Please bring your basic kit: black pad, pencil, adhesive, ruler, bone folder, scissors (little ones too if you have them), and if you can your colored pencils since there will be some coloring and it will save each table some time. Cover beverages are suggested. I love this months projects and I hope you will too!

I will be doing my first jury craft show March 23 from 6-9 and Sat 9-3 at St. Gabs on Johnnycake Ridge. I have been really busy making cards and all kinds of things for the show. My card rack that spins is almost full!! YEAH!! I have just been sitting with my scraps and creating. I love to created that way. Some I will scan and show you next week. Stop in and see me if you can, I would love to chat with all of you!

This week I had decided to make some stamping tips that I use daily. So here is another one, I sue the plastic woven coasters under my ink pads and glue while I am stamping. I have found that they do not have legs and walk away from me as I am stamping. Sometimes when I am doing repetitive stamping my pads (or Yes glue) keep moving away from me and it slows me down. The coasters prevent it. If you are in my line and came to leadership last fall I gave you each one of these. Now you know what to use it for! Have a wonderful day. Blessings

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