Sunday, March 18, 2007

Keep them covered ....

Here is a great tip I learned from a dear friend and new mom, Stephanie. When you purchase pigment pads, which are moister than dye based pads, they come with an extra inside plastic lid. Now it is important to keep this lid on our pads to help keep them moist but it is a pain to have to take on and off two lids! So, you can put two pieces of mounting cushion on the top of the inside lid (lower picture) and then put the inner lid back on your pad. Put the outer lid on the pad too and push down on the top of the outer lid so the mounting cushion will stick to the outer lid. Then when you pull the lid off they will both come off (top right picture)! YEAH! The only draw back, is the lid is a little harder to pull off due to the suction it causes but on the other hand this proves to you that the lid is on tighter and is keeping the moister in your pad longer so you will not have to re-ink as often.

We had a great time at Jubilee night on Friday! I think everyone enjoyed the stamping, fellowship and projects. I gave them all a survey and I am looking into keeping this up each month. If any others are interested in attending but could not please let me know and I will send you the survey via e-mail to get your impute. I have a class today and then on Monday also for my TAC-niques 14 class. I have been busy working on getting ready for a craft show this coming weekend too and doing some planning and prep work for our upcoming 2007 seminar! I am thrilled to see I have over 30 angels in my team planning on attending!! That is the most I have ever had. We will have a wonderful time. Blessings

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