Friday, March 2, 2007

Samples from my newsletter

Those of you who are on my newsletter list should have it my now. I was so happy with the pictures I had taken for it and then after it was sent I became aware that you can not click on any of them to see them close up. So I will add them here so you can. I do not know what happened since I can see them and the links are correct .... computers someday I will have all of the answers. I can not go back and change things either after my newsletter has been is send. If you are not on my list and wish to be there is a link on the left side to join.
Here is the picture of my Nobunny Like You samples which can either be a class or a kit. Both include, 12 projects of 6 designs (two of each), the stamp set, and complete directions for $22. The stamp set retails for $10.95. I need to know if you are taking the class one week prior so I can order the set for you.

And here is this months incentive set, Think Spring, samples. It is $5.95 retail, or $3.95 with a $30 order or free with a $175 workshop.
I will post some of the others tomorrow. Sorry again about the scans. Blessings


Jennifer said...

What cute samples! I'm glad that you posted them online so that we could all see them!

Anonymous said...

The furry "chick" is a killer!

Smiley said...

Rita, I love, love, love to look at your samples! You are so creative and have such cute ideas. I love how you tied the ribbon around the other ribbon on that card from the Think Spring set. That is too cute. And the colors are great!