Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Same oval different look!

Yesterday cut an oval with the Coluzzle Nested Oval Template for my card and for the next few days I plan on showing you other things to do with the same oval! Today I took the cut out oval and traced it lightly with a pencil on white card stock. I then used the sprig from Deco Designs and went around it to make a wreath, sometimes stamping it a second time without re inking (Dirty Stamping). I placed a single image of the stamp I used for the wreath next to it so you could see it. I used Burnt Sienna Palette Ink for the sprig and then went around and put in little flowers in using Bella Rose Palette ink. I stamped the bird on the bottom right with Burnt Sienna and added a brown bow. This is mounted on two mats one pink and one brown to frame the design. So once again ... I used the oval I cut out from yesterday's card ... and tomorrow ..... well I guess you will have to come back and see what else I do with this same oval! Have a wonderful day today and celebrate Life with Me!! Blessings

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