Friday, October 11, 2013

A finial farwell

My grade school friend's younger brother died this past summer in a house fire in Cleveland.  Marty was a veteran, so his family had a funeral for him at the State Veteran's Cemetery, which is BEAUTIFUL!!!  I asked if she and her mom, 90 years young, would like a memory book of the day.  They did, so I took photos and made these books for them.  There are two parts: a spiral book of the funeral and then a matching envelope for photos of the people attending the luncheon and a CD of all of the photos.  The above photo is of the finished presentation.

Here is a photo of the front of one of the books and below are photos of the inside of the book.  I stamped on some of the photos and others left alone. I did add a few extra pages in the book for other photos.

Below is a photo of the envelope opened with the photos inside, sorry about the camera glare. 

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Donna said...

What a nice tribute.