Thursday, September 15, 2011

Card packs to sell

Many of you have asked me about the cards I sell in packs .... so here are the facts.  I try to keep the designs quick, easy and appealing to the eye.  The top picture is a few of the sets I made for thank you cards.  Notice I try to get some more masculine and some more feminine to appeal to all.  I sell them in packs of four with envelopes for $7 which is $1.75 a card or 3 packs for $18 which is $1.50 a card.

Here are a few of the sympathy cards.  I try to focus on thank you, sympathy, celebrate (which can be used for promotion, engagement, new member in family, birthday, etc), thinking of you, birthday and Christmas. 

Here are a few of the designs for celebrate and birthday and etc.

These are a few of the Christmas cards which are the only ones I put a greeting on the inside and am sure to stamp the envelope.  I usually make 3-4 packs of the same design for the Christmas cards.

Here is how I store them .... you can probably not see in the photo but I do have a piece of blue paper between each type as a divider so I can quickly put them on the card rack or find what I need.  So far I have 51 packs made which is a total of 204 cards.  If they do not sell them all I can always add more detail to each of the cards with ribbons, scoring, and embellishments and sell then individually.  Christmas cards become the ones I send out ..... with a few more embellishment.  And I can also give them to a charity too if they do not sell.  So this time of year I try to make up quite of few packs.

If you are interested in joining us for the Cards for a Cause on Sept. 28 either at one or six for about 2 -3 hours, let me know.  We will be making cards for Hospice of the Western Reserve and can use all kinds of help.  Please let me know if you are planning on attending and the time.  We have a good time!

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