Saturday, January 29, 2011

You make 'MY' February Fabulous!!!

Attention to all of my customers and downline ......

If you participate in TAC's You make February Fabulous Event by linking YOUR creations to the Savvy Projects Blog (read yesterday's post) .... YOU will be entered into MY PERSONAL drawing for   YOU make 'MY' February Fabulous Event.  Every time you add your link you will be entered into MY PERSONAL drawing again ... please just email me every time so I know you have linked your creation. Plus everyone who adds their creation, one per person, will receive a FREE stamp from me in the mail!  This is MY PERSONAL event to celebrate three special events happening for me this month .... it is my 4th year Angelic Impressions Blog anniversary .... it is my 12th anniversary being an angel with TAC and it is my 60th birthday!!!!  So you can see I have a lot to celebrate!!!  On Feb 28th I will do a random drawing and the winner will receive $60 + worth of stamps from me!!!!!  I have a mailer all ready to be mailed out to YOU filled with stamps!!  So get those entries ready now!!

I can hear some of you right now .... I do not have the stamp sets .... I can not take good pictures of my entries .... I do not know how to link them to the post .... these are all excuses ...... so here are your solutions.

I do not have the stamp sets ..... Feb 6 (Super Bowl Sunday) from 1-6 and  Feb 7 & 8 from 3-9 are blocked off my calendar as 'Creative Days'. Come to my home in Painesville and create with my sets. RSVP to let me know when you are coming and I will send you more information. If you are out of town, I will stamp off a few images for you and put them in the mail.  Now if I mail them and you do not use them as an entry I am not going to be happy!!

I can not take good pictures of my entries ..... let me know and you can plan to bring your creations over to my home and I will take pictures for you or put them in the mail to me and I will take the pictures. If you want I will mail it back with your FREE stamp.

I do not know how to link them to the post .... if I take the picture for you I will link it too.  If you take a picture and send it to me via email I will link it to the blog.

So what are your excuses now????  If you still have some let me know and we can work them out ..... and I am not creative enough it NOT an excuse!!!!  All of you are very talented and creative and CAN DO this!!!!!  So help me celebrate MY FABULOUS FEBRUARY and get those cards made and link them to TAC's Savvy Project Blog to enter both contests and to receive a free stamp from me!!

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