Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More coloring with Copics

Here are two more of the cards I made using my Copic makers to color.  They were really fun to color!  For the top one I added mounting cushion under her one leg so it looks like she is jumping up in the air.
I really like the way this card came out .... more to come.

I had two really nice classed yesterday teaching the Gypsy.  It is a great tool for using with your Expression if you really learn how to use it correctly .... it can help you do so many things.  I love  mine and use it all of the time.  Next week I start my Copic classes.

I announced the date for my next gathering a few weeks ago ... it will be May 14-15.  I have not sent out any other information yet since it is not confirmed with Punderson yet (date is confirmed but other items we have not finialieze), but it will be similar to last year's event.  I am planning on having a class this year with four interactive cards that I feel would be better taught as a group instead of on your own on Friday night at seven.  This will be an optional class and will be priced at $15 over the gathering's cost. You do not have to take this class but I know some people travel far to come to these so I will offer it Friday night so they can come early and then rest well the night before the gathering.  This class will also be offer here in my home after the gathering too, BUT I will not be teaching any of the other projects as classes in my home after the gathering this year. Those coming to the class will be able to start the projects Friday night also if you would like after the class.  More will be announced in February but  I wanted to get this out for those of you who are traveling.  I have eighteen on my list that think they will be attending so far and I can only take 30.  

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