Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Marvelous You

 Here is a card I made into a set of four to sell since it was one that could be given to someone for more than one type of occasion ... birthday, anniversary, thinking of you or thank you.  I love this set when  I saw it since I had just seen my first bear in the wild and it felt like it was made for me!!!  Was it Mischelle???  I didn't color this at all since I liked the look of the image all in brown.  I used Willoughby paper for the accent paper behind it and a brown ribbon.  Here is a closer look.
I had an amazing weekend .... one the the BEST weekends ever at the craft show at St.Gabs ..... the most I have ever sold in my life!!!  My stock is so down I will be working me fingers to the bone again this weekend since I have two different shows again this weekend.... Tower City in downtown Cleveland on Friday .... yes this is a totally new adventure of me and Lake Catholic in Mentor on Saturday.

I went out with a friend to a wine tasting after the show on Friday, dinner and then watched the Cavs win a game to become the leaders in the Centeral Division.  Who would have thought!  Then on Sunday I went out with another good friend to a very nice resturant for dinner, it was a great weekend.  But between times my fingers where working gettting more things made for my shows.

So far this week I have completed 50 Card Candy for the holidays, and 25 for all occasions.  I need to take some into Jenniffer & Co this week.  I also found some holiday recipe cards so I made up 14 of my recipe books for the holidays.  I have started 60 pocketed books since I sold 45 of the 52 I had made last week.  I hope to get those finished today.  And I created another new idea for gift giving so I am going to try and go get the things I need to make these up in quanity today and get busy on them.  I hope to show you some pictures of everything next week ... if life slows down.

TAC is having a holiday gift giving blog hop in two weeks so I was hoping to do a week of these types of items leading up to and then include them in the hop.  Let's see if I have time to take the pictures etc. 

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