Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Best sellers

 These are my best selling items this fall season but the other two are very close behind.  They are my Card Candy which open up to a full Hershey bar and a place to add your greeting and a gift card, check or money if you wish.  You can see my original post on these here, my breast cancer ones here, and more of my holiday ones here. I try to have non seasonal ones available also since many people what to have these on hand for all kinds of occasions.  I suggest putting your tip in them for your beautician, paper person, mailman etc, or using them for your co-workers for a small gift item with or without a gift card.
 I usually have one of these standing in front of the basket showing the inside but I forgot to put it there before the picture.  These are my WWW Books and you can see more pictures of these in my Etsy Store here.  These are always a good seller and I  try to have a full container of these for each show.  I only have about 10 left from my last show so these will top on my list to make this week.
These little pocketed books are selling out the door fast!!!  I have been selling a full container (40-60) of these at each show.  I am totally out of them right now and not sure I have the hands that can make them this week since they are a lot of folding and this is what is making my hands hurt so much.  I always show them my personal book filled right from my purse so they can see how practical they are.  I use mine for gift cards (I get mine free from my Discover CC), reward cards, frequent buyer cards, perk cards, library cards, business cards, school cards etc.  You get the ideas!

So far this week I have made 62 more card candy, 25 more snowman popcorn, 14 more candle & card (but I ran out of clear bags so not sure how I will be putting them together) and started about 45 WWW books. Not sure if I will have the time or energy to make any pocketed books ....  I am completely out of these but may try to do a few.  I will be on the west side of Cleveland for a two day show on Saturday and Sunday in Fairview Park.

Today I will be celebrating Thanksgiving with my two nieces and their families and I am so excited.  It has been a long time since we have been able to do this and is will be wonderful day.  Hope everyone has a blessed holiday too. Tomorrow I am going to take a little break from working on things for craft show and going to see a movie!!  It will be a nice peaceful day.

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Chelsea said...

those are awesome Rita ... thanks for sharing!