Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My table set up

People have asked me how I set up my table for my craft show so here are a few pictures of my set up.

The wire rack I use for height for my display works great for carrying things in and out of the shows also.  I got this at Target.  I have a flat bed rolling cart and it fits on it going in the opposite directions.  Then I have a plastic container for each of the different items I sell so I can keep extras under the table. Two of these containers fit into each of the sections of the wire rack and then I roll it into the shows.  I can make it into the shows with two trips by myself!! What an improvement for past years!!!   I love having a container for each of the items on the table so if someone does not see one they like on the table I can give them that container to look though. It makes it so much easier to refill the baskets when they are sold.

I do not like putting price tags on each of my items since it is so time consuming. I am very pleased with this method.  I type up tags with information and prices and then attach them to either the basket or the wire rack with bull dog clips.  I works well for me.

As for the box with the card slots in it ... a friend found this for me years and years ago in a store that was closing out.  It is not in very good shape anymore but I love it and it works well for me.

I have a floor stand for cards but I have not been taking it to the shows with me this fall since most do not give me room for it in my space, even though I tell them I have it, and I do not sell as many cards at fall craft shows as I do in other places.  I did leave it at home this past weekend but wish I would have had it with me since I was on the end and had room on either side for it.

I will share close up pictures of my baskets and share with you my best selling items in my next post.


StampinCarol said...

Wow! This is great! I need to get some of those wire cubes! Thanks for sharing!

Chelsea said...

Thanks for sharing this Rita!!! What grat ideas!!!