Friday, November 26, 2010

More Candle, Cards & Cocolate

 I had made some of these for the last show and they sold out immediately!!!  So I had more candles and made up more sets last Monday ALL day!  I think I made up 14 sets but ran out of clear bags to package them in so I had to wait to finish them today.  I put four stamped cards with matching envelopes, decorated chocolate, a decorated glass candle holder and (my favorite) a Root candle.  If you are not familiar with these they are the best soy candles around which have a scent that really lasts and fills a room.  But of course they are made here in OHIO too!  I can go to the outlet store to get them and I am so thankful!
 Here is this one packaged with a gusseted bags with a bottom. I am thinking that the cards and envelopes will take on the smell of the candle after it has been packaged together for a while.  Won't that be nice!
 I used a retired set for this set from TAC and one I use a lot with my wine bottle boxes.  The words are from the same set as the top set which is Blossoms and Blessings from TAC.
 .... and it packaged up.  I put a card facing the back so you can see the card all on it own too.
This one is make with the set Marvelous You ....  Notice that I use a simple design with little or no coloring on these sets.

I will show more of these this week.  But I had to package most of them in gusseted bags without bottoms so I am going to be asking for your opinion on which you like the best or if it make a difference .... I know which is easier for me to make.

I had my Thanksgiving on Wed with both of my nieces and their families and I was so blessed.  We had a wonderful day all picking in and helping, great food, beautiful weather and happy times.  We think this was the first time in 8-10 years our family was around the table together for a holiday ... but one person was missing .... and I am hoping she and her family will be joining us really soon. 

Yesterday I went to the movies for part of the day with a friend to see Unstoppable .... wow does that movie keep you on the edge of your seat.  I loved it.  Last night and then early today I started working again for an two day show on the west side this Saturday and Sunday.  I am thinking about going out to see if I can get two to the new Cricut lite cartridges but my guess is they will be sold out when I get there ... oh well.


Bren said...

Love them. How much are you selling them for..... Thanks for sharing

Chelsea said...

what a great set! love how they all are a bit different with the different colors and different stamps.