Monday, November 29, 2010

Even more .....

Here are a few more of the Candles & Card sets I made up last week.  The cello bags are different and do not have a flat bottoms so I closed them off differently at the top too. They are a little thicker than the other ones I used.   I need to know if it makes a difference which bags I use?  Does one look better than the other in the over all appearance?

 I do think this one was my personal favorite  .... I know I made two of them but not sure if they both sold or not this past weekend.  I know one sold for sure.

I did my first West side craft show this past weekend and I did not sell any where near what I have been.  Not sure if it was the show, location, or because it was the first time at that show.  I will be doing another show in Brunswick next weekend so I will see if it is worth my time to drive an hour to get to new shows or not.

I am really bumming today so far ... my hands are so soar and I just need a break.  I am thinking about washing windows later this afternoon since it is not too bad outside.  I need to decide also if I will sign up to do one more show this year or not on Dec 11 ...... should I or shouldn't I?????  It is a local one.

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Chelsea said...

awesome ideas Rita! thanks sooo much for sharing ... you are inspiring me!