Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Cards with Cricut

It has been a while since I have posted so just wanted to let you all know I just had to take a rest.  I had such a blessed craft season this year it completely wore me out.  I needed to rest my hands and arms and get my engery back after working so many hours.  It was great to read, catch up on movies I had taped, play games on the computer, work on my Christmas presents (non-stamping mostly), and teach myself iMovie .... oh it was great to get a little cleaning and organizing done also. 

Hey the BIG news is that I decorated for Christmas this year with my mini tree, lights, and all .... it has been years since I have done that. I have really been enjoying the lights and the memories.  I guess I learned that putting up decorations is not just to make the house look good .... it is to remember all of the wonderful memories and people we associate with them.  I have some wonderful mememeries and hope I still will be able to make more in the future.

Oh ... I guess you are all here to see my cards and read my post!  I have been working on my Christmas cards the last few days since we are having a bad blizzard .... and most of them are with my Cricut Expression and Gypsy.  I will be posting some of the designs I made to sell this year and my personal ones in the next week or so.  Sorry, if you see yours in my post before I get them in the mail.  I hope to get out on Tues or Wed. weather permitting.

These two are made with the new cartridge Gingerbread.  When I saw this one came out I just knew I had to have it .... my family made decorated cookies every year since I can remember (not lately though) and I have wonderful memories revolving around gingerbread cookies.  So why not  make the cookies calorie FREE!!!!  I have had so much fun making cards with this cartridge.  More later of them later.

I also wanted to share that I started a new tradition for myself the last few years and I love it.  Since I live alone and do not have many family members which means no gifts to unwrap ... I started to save all of the beautiful cards I get in the mail from all of my wonderful friends.  This year I am putting them under my little tree and then I will open them all up on Christmas Eve. It is so much fun!!!  It brings me a lot of joy ... more than most presents do since I can see all of the beautiful creations, words my friends write in their cards, and think of each of them on Christmas Eve.  You are all blessings to me!!!  If you are alone during the holiday this is a wonderful think to do for yourself.

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