Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pictutes from Victoria

These pictures are from Victoria Canada at the Butterfly Gardens. It was beautiful and I think they had trained the butterflies to be still so we could take pictures. I have never had butterflies so easy to take pictures of before. These flamingos were there with lots of fish around them too and I thought they made a great photo also. I started making cards from some of my photos this evening after my class. I will try and post some in a day or two.

Now the pictures are from The Butchart Gardens in Canada. I have never seen such a beautiful place I want to go back and stay a few days there sometime so I can see all of it. I am loving the pictures I have edited so far but still have more of them to do from the Gardens. Wait till you see the dahlias in a future post. This is a Sequoia tree ... they are huge there!!

This flower is so unusual!! I think it is from another planet!! I can not find the name if it ... does anyone know it???

The water fountain here was amazing .. I even took a movie of it since it changed ever few seconds! Blessings


Sonia said...

Thanks for sharing all beautiful nature picture... i love butterflies!!! Great pics!


Julie said...

wow - what incredible pictures

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures! Love the butterflies... rita w