Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Well, I am home!! I had to stay an extra day due to the big storm but that was OK with me!! Then when I got home I had a lot to catch up with ... but am feeling like I am getting things in order now. I wanted to share with you the NEW SERENDIPITY MAGALOGUE from TAC!!! Click here of a sneak peek!! Click here to see all of the new stamp sets and accessories!! It is great! I will be planning an opportunity for my local gals to get their copy but I need to find a location first. It is $2.95 and I will give you a credit of $3 for your next order when you purchase one. It is full of inspiration, directions for projects, new sets, new accessories, tips, try it ideas and a great source of for getting your winter mojo going!! Let me know if you would like me to get on out to you in the mail. It is live now so you start ordering from it immediately!!

I got a new camera while I was away and I am getting comfortable with the new software but hope to have a new post of on Wed with information about my next classes. Blessings

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