Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New ideas and feature

Hi! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!! I know I did! I went to Olgebay and stayed at Wilson Lodge for a few days and really pampered myself! What a treat! Everyone needs to do this ... I got a wonderful Swedish massage, took walks, enjoyed the beautiful decorations and music, ate the most delicious meals with so many fresh berries, when shopping, decorating the room with lights and cards, visit the museums and so much more. But I need to share the best part!! I saved all of my Christmas cards unopened and opened them on Christmas Eve!! This was wonderful to see and enjoy them all slowly and to really feel the sentiments inside. Usually if you are like me you open them up before the bills when you get the mail in a hurry and you enjoy the card but not do not take the time to really feel the cards meaning. When you open them all up at one time it is like all of your friends are there with you giving you a hug and wishing you the best! I really hope you all try doing this. It really is a meaningful experience!! After they were opened and admired I put them on the wall so I could enjoy them while I was there. It was wonderful! I know I will be doing this again for my birthday this year!

I wanted to share a new feature I added to my blog. On the left hand side I put a link to my calendar for my classes, shows and events. If you take the link, you can go to any month you want to see what is going on. If you click on the day, it will show you more details for the class. I hope this feature will help some of you. Also remember that you can click on any of my pictures to get a better look with a larger picture here on my blog.

My next class will be making these Date book planners. It is a perpetual calender so you can list all of you important dates for each month and keep it from year to year. The matching clip makes it easy to display that month on your desk so you have a reminder. It is all held together with the Bind-it-all and the large brown owires and I used Rustic Chic papers for the covers and brown envelopes on the inside. I will be teaching this the first week in Jan. starting on Jan 4. Let me know if you are wishing to attend and which color you would like to make! Blessings

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