Thursday, October 18, 2007

Stay in Touch

* Reminder you can click on any of the pictures to get a closer view!!

Are you tired of seeing all of my craft fair items yet??? Well, I have more to see!! These are one of best sellers with a new look this year. They are 4" square cards that open at the top with a magnet attached to the back. On the inside I have a sheet I print off the computer that says 'Stay in Touch' and has a spot for name and phone number. I don't know about you but there are way too many phone numbers to remember for everyone I call so I put them all in this and then attach it to the frig. They are handy by my phone and no one else has to look at them since they are covered up. These I did with my Big Shot and punches to make layered flowers and add Stickles of course! I usually stamp images and color them but this year I decide to do more of the paper craft thing instead of the rubber stamper think. I hope you like them.

Yesterday I made more fun stuff and I will have to get pictures of them and post them later this weekend. I am getting ready to go to my daughter's old school. They hired me to do some group tutoring in math for a collage placement testing. I will start that next Monday evening but wanted to go visit the school today to get make into that type of activity. Hope you see all the abundance in your life today!! Blessings


abhall76 said...

Yet another great idea Rita! These are awesome!

Roberta said...

Rita --- another awesome idea! Good luck with your craft fair!


yuki said...

LOVE the "Stay In Touch" cards!!!!
They are beautiful.
Be sure to add my name to your card, okay? :}
love ya,

Eva said...

This is really a great idea! And I love the design on this!

Rita Kegg said...

I started making these years ago and have done all different kinds. They are really received well at craft shows. It is like making a 4" card with a magnet on the back. This grouping is the quickest I have every made them ... can you tell I am into layering flower punches right now. Thanks for your comments. Blessings