Friday, March 23, 2007

A basket of ...

Aren't they cute!! I just had to show you these cute little nugget bunnies I will be selling this weekend! I used a 1 x 3" stripe of Frutti Fusion and taped it around the nugget. Stamped one of the bunnies from No Bunny Like You and colored the ears and flowers. Then cut out just the head and the flowers. I glued the head on one end of the nugget and a medium white pom pom on the other end for a tail. Be sure to click on the picture so you will be able to see them better. I am pleased at how well they turned out.

And here is the basket of carrots I will be selling too! Notice the front one has a tag on it with the same set I used for the bunnies, but I decided not to make a tag for all of them. I just finished up a basket of purses and will take a pictures of these too and show you later. You should all make these for Easter and give them as a little gift ... they are fun and easy! Blessings

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