Thursday, March 29, 2007

About a Girl

Here is a stamp-able album I picked up at Target a while back. I covered the front and back covers with Uptown Girl Wing It Collection papers. The black square in the middle is where you can slide a photo from the top into the cover. I then cut many of the different papers in this collection into different sizes and just kept putting them on the pages and stamping words with the sets About a Girl and Just Journaling.
It took about 2 hours from start to finish and it is ready for pictures to be added. It was that simple! Here are a few of the inside pages for you to see too. I think the ribbons tied onto the spiral adds a lot to the look too. I have a few more of these and I will make them up using different Wing it papers as I have time to sell.

My stamping room has been a total mess this last week with the craft show and other projects I have been working on, so today I was able to get the tables (yes both of them) cleaned up and things put away. It feels good to do that everyone once in a while! So when is the last time you started a new project on a clean table with all of your supplies put away? I know it has been a while for me but it was fun today to start a project I am doing for my line for seminar with a clean area! OH .... are you all guessing what I am making? I hope so ..... but you will have to wait and see. I will tell you that it is not purple and it is very practical!! But that is all ...... you will have to wait and see! Blessings

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