Friday, February 2, 2007

Reach out and touch someone ....

The last few days I have spent some time making cards for individuals for different personal reasons. When I first started rubber stamping and paper crafting I did this a lot ... 30 or so per month. But now, I am busy stamping for swaps, classes, samples, magazines etc. and have not put as much of my time into sending to others. It brought me great pleasure to put 39 envelopes in the mail the other day and today I have about 15 more to get out. And if ... I can get ready for my class tomorrow and do a few more things ..... I want to make a few more and send them tomorrow. Sending hand-made cards is why I started rubber stamping so I want to get back into it more. It makes be feel good to know that I have reached out to others in this simple way. When was the last time you sent a card or note to someone to let them know that you care, for a birthday, for a congrats, or just for thinking about them. My challenge to you this month ... the month of 'love' is to send someone your love via a home-made card. Then let me know how it touched you and if the other person sends one back how did you feel. Go for it!

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