Monday, February 12, 2007

Good old Rock 'n Roll!

Oh .. what fun I had last night!! I help out occasionally serving a meal for the performers for the Mentor High Performing Arts Series and last night they had Bower's Doo Wop Party! I can not ever remember having so much fun at a concert (excepts in college). I even talked to and served dinner to Bowzer (leader of the former Sha Na Na) himself!! I will confess that as a kid I had a little crush on him ... and he again stole the show for me last night. Did you know that Bowzer was a child prodigy at the piano and started classical lessons at age 7 and began attending Juilliard at age 12!! He played a few classical numbers for us too. They sang all my favorites include 'Goodnight Sweetheart'!! They had us dancing both in our seats and standing, hand jiving, singing with them, and my hands were all red from clapping to the beat! But they were not the only ones performing .. The Edsels with the great bass singer Marchall Sewell ... which they are most famous for 'Rama Lama Ding Dong'. And lastly the real Duke of Earl, Gene Chandler, sang. He still, at age 67 can make your heart stop with his voice! It was all so much fun!! If you ever have an opportunity to see this show it is so totally worth it!

So I dedicate my card today, for my week of red with love cards, to 'that good old rock 'n roll'!! This is a quick and easy card, (Angel K.I.S.S.) using three different alphabet sets, Fun-bet, Comic-bet, Alpha-bet which is a Level D Hostess set, for the background. It is so cool to have alphabet stamps around so if you want to make a red 'xo' background or a blue one you can with just the change of your inks. I embellished with a heart cut out of a scrape of red Matchmakers paper, 'I love you' from Trendy Greetings, which is a very versatile holiday greetings set, and a scrape of ribbon. These pieces are all edge with black ink and mounted on Red #2 Matchmakers card stock. This is a less than 10 minute card so you still have time to make it and get it into the mail for Wed ...Valentine’s Day.

Hey ... here's some Angel Candy (Give Aways!) for all of you! The first person to put a comment here on my blog with the name of the set I used for my story on my TAC page will get this card in the mail! Good luck and blessings to everyone!

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Love this card!!!