Saturday, March 1, 2014

Teeny Tiny Notes

These are my new Teeny Tiny Notes!  They are about the size of a gift card (and the envelope will hold one) and can be used as a little message to gift someone or as a way to gift a gift card, money etc.  I have them packaged in sets of four, two of each type with a lot of different colors, themes and looks.  Great to give in a lunchbox, on a desk, on a pillow, in a gift as a card enclouser, etc.  I have put on a product I sell called 'Lick 'n Stick' so the envelopes can be closed. I have them packaged so they are easy to see the two note types and the envelopes inside with a little topper.  I will post more types later today so you can see the variety I will be selling today at the craft show.  If you miss the show today, I will be at St Pasqual's on March 22 in Highland Heights.

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