Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cavs Game!

*I thought this post was posted but it was still in draft sorry for those of you who I told to go see these pictures!

I had an opportunity last week to check something off my personal 'Bucket List'!!!  I can not tell you how excited I was to go to my first Cavs Basketball Game to to be able to sit in a suit too! Here are some of my favorite photos.  Top photo is of the team during the first quarter .... 'my' man if in the pink blazer .... no one plays ball like Andy!!   Too bad he is on the can not play now.
 Here is Z .... it took I while but I found him in the crowd.
 And here is Dan .... he was right behind the basket during the first half.
 Here are a few play shots ... this is my first time taking sports photos and I think they came out quite well  during the action.
 Yes ... our basket!!!  We were playing the Celtics and we were winning most of the game as much as 16 points!
 Another for us!!
 Gibson at his best ...
 And that is a dunk!
 In my opinion the stars of our team ....
 Could not forget the veterans!  Kappy!!
 In the last few seconds of the game .... team huddle ... but we lost my one point in the last 2 seconds .... but it was still exciting!!
And finally here is Austin Carr .... he is Mister Cavilers!

Thanks to Ron and Michelle for inviting me ... I had so much fun!

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