Monday, January 9, 2012

Pocket full of gift tags

It's time to celebrate!!!  This is one of the new items I will be selling at my shows and for markets this year.  It is a pocket with 8 gift tags for all different occasions.  I am so loving the bright and happy feel it has.  Each of the tags has a string added so you and quickly apply to your gift bag or present.  The backs are open for you to write a message.

Here you can see all eight tags. I tried to put greetings on them so they could be used for many different occasions.  For example: the  duck could be for a baby shower, new born gift or a small child, the love you for weddings, Valentine's Day, anniversary etc..

In these photos I pulled them apart so you can see the detail better.

I will be putting these in my Etsy store if you are interested and not local.  Hope you have been enjoying all of my posts.  As you can see I was busy working in Dec.

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