Wednesday, June 22, 2011

TAC Seminar

 The Angel Company is having there annual Seminar this weekend in Kansas and this will be the first time since I started in 1999 that I will not be attending.  I made a hard decision to save the money I would have spent on the trip and put it toward my home and doing things I have been dreaming about for years here at home.  I am sad but happy, if that is possible, since I am so enjoying the newest in my home but miss so much this weekend going to see all of my angels friends and getting to see the new cattie first.  I did make trades and sent them to my good friends Holly who will be trading for me so I will get to enjoy those late next week!  I am planning on posting new cards made with new images that I have starting today!!! 

These first two cards are using a set called 'Chairs to you'.  I colored the chair with my Copics.  I did do my trades (40) with this set also but will wait and show that later so not to spoil it for angels attending.  Here are two others using this new set!  It is a really cool set and the other images are a stamp with script and a chandelier in it and a stamp for signing your cards on the back.  If you like this set or any of the others Sneak Peeks as shown on the TAC website and would like to get them at a discounted price be sure to get your Sneak Peek orders to me by Sunday since I plan on getting an order in as soon as I get my cattie!

Plan on checking my blog out often for the next week since I will have lots of posts with samples!  Ones you have not seen yet starting on Friday morning!

On a side note .... I got my hairs cut off ... it is totally short in the back but has a lot of fullness on the top, sides and crown .... my natural curl is coming out and I am loving it so far.  I needed a new look and an easy and quick do for the summer!


Char said...

Hey Rita,

I know how you feel missing Seminar. I know the first one I missed was about 3 years or so ago and it was so hard....but it's gotten easier. I have had to stay at home to save money for 'family' vacations. The money I spent going to seminar each year would pay for a trip for us for a week.

I miss seeing all the angels..... :-(

Thanks for sharing with the rest of us that have to stay home.

Peggie said...

Very neat cards. Glad to see this stamp made into cards. Can't wait to see what else you create.

Chris said...

Two great looks! I've never gotten to go and am sad each year...sigh. I bet they will have a wonderful time, eh?